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Rosary Prayers

Last UPDATED 3-12-2020


Blog #4 Maneuvering the Night

Maneuvering the Night

Maneuvering for Light

Set-up your scope,

Focus through hope.


Make your list,

Of who can assist,

Be smart, play your part,

Do your mission now.

No time to bow.


Where is your food?

Your friends; no more pretends,

Rehearsal’s gone; time for your song.


Yes, you can; (2x) You are the Love-Wisdom band. (3x)

Call Saint Germain;

Cast out all pain.


Enfolded, free,

Under the Bodhi tree.

Be your Buddha now,

Never, never bow.

No control or possess,

Loving-kindness is the best.


Be quiet and smart,

Avoid the dart.

The kimo, the lie,

It’s not cherry pie.


But children we’re here,

Overcome all your fear,

Bring Violet flame.

I’ll do the same.


Rise-up and pray

Do it today.

We are the One,

So here we come.


No domination; be free.

Meditate under your tree.

The Buddha’s inside,

No evil can hide.


So be like the sun.

Shine light everyone.


I Am the Mother Ma

Mary Ma McChrist

8-20-19 Before dawn.