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Rosary Prayers

Last UPDATED  12-16-2020



How do you join our group? Come find out free.You simply begin to do these prayers on your own for at least 14 times before thenext initiation will be announced soon.. Let Mother Mary-Ma know you are beginning the prayers. 530-296-4411. She will give you the correct number and code

Comments on the Order

Phone Number for the Vigil and Sunday, Blue Rose calls.

605-475-6711 Code is 605-5279# (USA)

The Vigil goes on the telephone every evening from 6:00-6:30 P.M.PST

Sunday Prayers are from 10:00-11:30 PM PST.

1.)  Introduction and Prayers given by Mother Mary.

Dearest Children,

I, Virgin Mary told Saint Lucia that the Consecration of Russia would lead to Russia’s conversion and an Era of Peace.  Has Russia been correctly consecrated to the IImmaculate Heart of Mary?  Do we have the Era of Peace yet?

“All though  attempts have been made, Russia has NOT been correctly Consecrated to my Immaculate Heart.  Pope Pius the XII consecrated the “whole world” to my Immaculate Heart and later the “entire human race” on July 7, 1952, but that was NOT what I required. When instructions are given they must be done perfectly as I command or it is not completed according to my Request.  This Request is a direct edict from the Father God and must be obeyed! (Read 1 time 1x)

*A vigil is a watch kept often at night. When darkness descends a vigil is kept for safety.

“The planet is in great turmail at this time.  Never before have the personal and planetary challenges been so severe. Please dedicate yourself to this very important project.”

2.)  Prayer of Fatima

(Begin here daily.)

To Mary’s Immaculate Heart, I consecrate myself, and ask to join
the Blue Army of Catholic and non-Catholic people, who seek the Consecration of Russia. (20,000,000 are members at this time.) to my Immaculate and Holy Heart.

O most Holy Virgin enfold us, as your little children of the Blue Rose
or as your Blue Army of Archangel Michael.  We agree to say “the Blessed Ascension Rosary” (5x) daily.

    3.) The Blessed Ascension Rosary
          (5 times daily/ (5x))

  • Hail Mary, full of Grace,
    The Lord is with Thee.
    Blessed art Thou among women, and
    Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of us all,
Blend with us, Children of the Sun/Son,
For we have consciously won our Ascension,
Right now and forevermore I AM.

Beloved Lord Mary
Mother of the Cosmic Christ

Mother Mary-Ma McChrist Stanza #1 is the traditional Rosary given
to St. Dominic in 1206.  The Blessed Ascension Rosary was given
to Mary-Ma McChrist in 1976 and updated in 1993.

4. )The Consecration Rosary
(1 times daily)

Hail Mary the Lord is with you,
Blessed art thou among woman and
Blessed is the fruit of thy womb,
Yeshua and Issiah /Issa, your twin Sons*.

O Immaculate Heart of Mary
I consecrate Russia to you –
In lieu of the Pope and Bishops,
That the sins of the people
And the Church be washed clean.

O Virgin of Guadalupe and Virgin Mary, I ask that you serve
as my Mother with Mary-Ma McChrist
Mary may I become a rose in your Bouquet?
The Divine Mothers say, “Yes”

O Mary, may the Fire of God be held
Back, and may the earth be saved.
O Mary, may your Sons, Yeshua and
Issiah, save us by their Holy Blood,
Already shed for all humankind,
As a sacrifice unto the Father.

O most sacred Virgin Mary may our prayers reach you.
May our hearts carry the Blue Rose
As we are children of your Garden
Let the army of Michael defend,
Let the Children of the Blue Rose
Pray and sanctify ourselves today
Becoming Mary’s bouquet of Great Promise.

So be it and so it is. 

(Give this prayer (1-3 x) five times daily without fail).

Lord Mary, the Cosmic Mother

*This concept of the Christ Twins was first introduced to Mary-Ma McChrist
when she was receiving Magdalene’s Black Rose: The Love Story of Jesus and
His Beloved. For more information read the book available on
 www.mother-matrix.com or look up Saint Issa on Google.

5.) Transmuting the Prophecy of Fire
(1 times daily)

Dear Children,

I come to inform you of the Cleansing by Fire which is already scheduled to happen upon earth.  Some will and some will not experience this intense cleaning. As Noah was warned of the deluge of water, you, Dear Ones, are being told of the Trial by Fire. Noah followed God’s Word and was saved.  By doing this Vigil you are saving yourself and others.

I, the Mother, call you into action now. Become members of The New Order of the Blue Rose 2013 -17 and follow my precepts daily. Do not read the above introduction daily.

Begin and end with: “Archangel Michael stands, His Sword at bay
                                   He protects us now, with God we Pray.(3x)

 Lord Mary’s Blue Rose Heart
(1 times daily)

“O Mother take us into your
Immaculate Heart – Garden,
Where we are safe and secure,

From all illusions of darkness.
Let me and mine be safe,
As Blue Roses in your Garden
As children of your heart

“Why do I call you children?
Because children are
Pure and seek the protection,
Of Divine Mother, Lord Mary.

“Gather into the Garden of my Heart”
Thy spirit and soul shall not depart.
O Christ’s Gardeners of the fold
The Blue Rose prophecy you have foretold.

So child of the Blue Rose come,
With Christ the Lord we are now One
Hold the Banner of the Blue Rose high,
Its beauty and purity fill the sky.

So be it and so it is.

*“Archangel Michael stands, His Sword at bay.
       He protects us now, with God we Pray.(3x)

I Am Lord Mary, Guardian of the Garden”
Mary Clarice McChrist

2013 by Mary McChrist. All Rights reserved. This may be shared, giving  complete credit as shown.  530-296-4411.

6.)  Fellow this with any ONE of my Rosary Prayer below (saying it one time 1x only.)
“The Rosary of Transformation” on page 44 of Heart of the Mother by Mary Clarice McChrist.

“The Rosary of the Innocent Child” page 57 of Heart of the Mother by Mary Clarice McChrist.

*The Rosary of the Inner Child”** (5x) page 104 in The Blessed Mother’s Blue Rose of the Healing Heart.by Mary Clarice McChrist.

“Immaculate Concept World Prayer” page 11 in Heart of the Mother by Mary Clarice McChrist. (Go to Home Page to click the You Tube link to pray along with Mary as she gives this prayer.)

“The Rosary of 2010” page 52 of Heart of the Mother by Mary Clarice McChrist.

These prayers are sacred and are uplifted to my Sons Yeshua and Issah.

7.) Closing Prayer

These prayers which I have just given, are for the Conversion of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for our blessed Mother Earth Gaia, and for all of her children, all sentient beings.  Father-Mother God especially enfold all children, all beings in the Love-Wisdom Soul Band of Christ and Buddha and all light-love workers.  We call for our protection and ascension NOW according to God’s Holy Will, in the Name and by the Power of Lord Christ,  and all hearts of compassion. So be it.

May these prayers be repeated by our etheric Councils of Light, our teachers, guides, and all angelic hosts of perfect love, if this is appropriate for them.  I dedicate all acts of merit today to this Noble Cause.  So be it and so it is. I ask that the prayer momentum be increased one trillion times.

Thank you Lord Mary
Thank You Supreme Mother.
{Hands in prayer position and bow your head].

I Am Lord Mary, and Mary-Ma McChrist 5-17-13

8) Living Rosary of the Blue Rose

 (Say Weekly 3-7 times)

Hail Mary, Mother of the Blue Rose,

Blessed art thou, Mother of Christ,

Mother of Lord Issa and

Lord Jesus/Yeshua, the Holy Christ Twins.


Hail Mary, Mother of the Blue Rose,

Gather your Holy Children together,

Forming protection with Archangel Michael,

Under the Banner of the Blue Rose.


Purify our hearts with the Blood,

Of Christ, both Yeshua and Issa.

Gather us Mother into your bouquet

Of Blue Roses – present us to Christ.


As Children of your Immaculate Heart

We pray daily to reflect your

Beauty and Purity into the World.


Mother of the Blue Rose,

From the Garden of Mary’s Heart

Remove thorns of suffering,

Free our lives from the Cross.


Your Sons are Ascended and Free.

We wear the Mantle of Christ,

The Holy Cloak of invisible protection,

From all tribulation and death.


Until the Christ, who tends this Garden,

Comes to lift us unto the Father,

Through the Door of Everything,

Completing our personal Ascension and Life.


We are reborn now and for eternity,

Blooming each day in Mary’s Garden,

Awaiting the Gardeners of the Blue Rose.


Amen, All-men, All-women, All-children, All-creation, All-One

Virgin Mary through Mary McChrist May 9, 2013 at 7:12 A.M.

 copyright 2017-2018 by Mary McChrist. All rights reserved. Please share for personal or group non-commercial use only, giving complete credit as shown. Web sites:  www.MaryClariceMcChrist.comwww.mother-matrix.comwww.AscendingWithTheMaitreya.wordpress.com Phone: 530-643-2152, E-mail: maryma33@gmail.com.


Mother Mary-Ma is much better, but prayers are still appreciated. As one of the Divine Mothers she transmutes for our world.. Donations are welcome for all of the extra expenses. Thank you Beloved Ones. 

Mother Mary-Ma is much better, but prayers are still appreciated. As one of the Divine Mothers she transmutes for our world.. Donations are welcome for all of the extra expensives. Thank you Beloved Ones. 

Join our 11-10--18 Teleconference CLASS and receive  from the Divine Mother.Mary MA.the latest Celestial Colors for the Golden Age.

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