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Rosary Prayers

Last UPDATED 3-12-2020



8:8 The Lion's Gate

is an important Teleconference for You and Your Path.


from 6-8 PM PST

Connect with the Heart of the Lions,

Add beauty and Power to your life

The Maitreya, the Father lion and the Mother, also express as Lord Jesus and Ram Maitreya. Join us for this new adventure. We are now called together to re-Set the template in the heart of the lion which is a place of Presence and Power.

  • Love Offering is $22.00-$33.00. Paid through Pay Pal or send a check to Mary McChrist, Post Office Box 564, Mount Shasta, Ca 96067
  • If you missed the live teleconference you can listen to it HERE. Please consider making a donation