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Rosary Prayers

Last UPDATED 3-12-2020



“Mary Magdalene, A New

      See Download below


World Teacher” Teleconference

“Magdalene, your Good Friday call was amazing!”

Do not miss EASTER CALL Ma  530-643-2152 for the correct number.

this is NOT free later.

You will receive:

A new Template From the Magdalene

Magdalene Role in the New Golden Age

Team player With Christs - Jesus and Issa

Introduction to Our New Book: Prayers From the Holy Family

AA Michael's New Invocation

White Dragon Power Joins Magdalene and Ma\Mary-Ma

This is a Must Teleconference!

How do you fit in? Find Out!

   3-22-19  5:30-7:30 PM PST  

Option #1: If you came to our Magdalene Teleconference here is a free download.

Link to mp3 recording: Download

Option #2: If you did not sign-up please listen and give a Love Offering to help offset Ma’s  expenses and work for the planet.. Thank you Dear Ones.

Love Offering is $22-44.00. Use Pay Pal or send a check to Mary McChrist, PO Box 534, Mount Shasta, Ca 96067. Call MA 530-643-2152, so I know you donated. I will give you the correct phone number for the Teleconference. Please join us!