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Rosary Prayers

Last UPDATED  12-16-2020


Virgin Mary Speaks Out on Abortion –

Blog #3 1-28-17.                                                                                                             

Rosary to Save the Children

Our LADY comes forward with Baby Jesus in her arms.

Children, I cry for this world in which the innocent children and babies are given to Lucifer through sacrifice, abortion, Satanric Ritual, abandonment, abuse, torture and death. These things are an abomination to God Mother/Father, to me, to my Sons Jesus and Issa, Emmanuel and to Saint Joseph who guards all souls. We call Archangel Lord Michael, the archangels, the Feminine Lords, and all beings of the heart to come forth now. *Celestial Hosts come forward. (3x)

Create spheres of full conscious knowledge in, through and around each baby thought form, embryos, both parents, medical profession, the churches and all life. Bring the crystal clear Message of the Consequences of abortion to the soul, both parents and all concerned.

Children, join with me children to awaken those women and men who are calling forth the murder of their precious ones entrusted by God into their care. Some are so dull and asleep they do not know they are re-crucifying the Christ again by killing their own flesh and blood.

If a couple does not wish a child they are to remain in celibacy or use protection – which may or may not work.

Like Erred, the king in the time of Christ, the evil edict to sacrifice the children has returned to our world, to our time and space. Purity and reason must take its stand. Why do you think we will have more earth changes and the Apocalypse?

If a woman’s life would be at risk to have the child, she may, by Cosmic Law, petition the Karmic Board to withdraw the soul/spirit of the embryo naturally which is accomplished on a spiritual non-physical level. In this manner the soul of the baby is not prenatally wounded. This must be done preferably during the first 72 hours after conception. Thirty 30 days is the final limit!!!

The recent practice of aborting the CHILD a few days before the birth is absolute cold blooded MURDER and IS totally karmic!!! The couple would then cancel any ascension to the light previously earned by the positive karma of either or both parents. Great PENANCE would then be necessary to balance this great Karmic MISTAKE. As Virgin Mary I am sorry to tell you this, but Enough is Enough.

Those who have purposely aborted a child time and time again are condemning themselves to great physical, emotional and mental suffering. This is a Karmic fact. In this and later lifetimes, they may not be allowed to conceive a child or to adopt one.


Prayer for the Child

Blessed Virgin Mary we beseech you to receive each aborted child,

And to place this one in Christ and Your heart of Hearts.

Bless and heal. (3x) Hold this one n perfection Divine Love

And Peace and Divine Rest.


Hail Baby, divine idea of God – Mother and Father,

Perfect reflection of the Immaculate Concept,

Pure thought form of the Holy Family.

*We call Angel protection be with thee now. (13x)


Archangel Michael come forth to save,

All babies scheduled for abortion,

Archangel Gabriel bring your crystal white Purity Flame,

And White Lily of Peaceful death.


We call the human mothers and fathers to realize

What they are doing now. *God Have mercy on their soul. (3x)

God have mercy on our planet. (13x)

Feminine Lords have mercy on us all. (3x)


Amen, All-women, All-children, All-men, All-Creation, All One.

Virgin Mary 1:47 AM 1-28-17

Heart Stream Mary Clarice McChrist

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Mother Mary-Ma is much better, but prayers are still appreciated. As one of the Divine Mothers she transmutes for our world.. Donations are welcome for all of the extra expenses. Thank you Beloved Ones. 

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