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Rosary Prayers

Last UPDATED 10-21-19



New World Teachings

Beloved Jesus and Mother Mary are spending hours with Mary-Ma.

They are creating brand new teachings called:

“13 Days with...”


Go to our new Web Site: New World Teachings.com  “13 Days with Mother Mary” begins its first round on 10-26 from 5-7 PSWT Call Ma for information and prices it is amazing 530-296-4411.


On Saturday, 9-28-19, from 5-7:00 PM PST we will have our first sample class

in the form of a Teleconference Seminar with Lord Jesus.

The Love offering is $22-$33.

Find out about the whole series and how to be part of it.

Lord Jesus Christ will:

Share His intimate Experience of 40 days in the Desert:

What really happened? What is the Satan He faced?

How was His own Worthiness Tested? How are we challenged with our worthiness? How do we hold our Divinity in this challenging world? Lord Jesus will guide us and give us Tools to be God-Victorious. Join our special meditation called,

“River of Life” with Our Lord Jesus.

Call Mary-Ma 530-296-4411 to Register, and get the Seminar Number or Go to Pay Pal on this Web Site See donations above the menu..Let Ma know you are coming to receive the correct Teleconference number. :

Find out about the vision of the two Jewish men who were searching for Ma and finally found her this week.